Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Helping the suicidal- cop style

Helping the suicidal- cop style

A 19 year-old "disturbed" man, who had apparently cut his wrists in a suicide attempt, was shot by a LEO in Albuquerque Tuesday morning. (Way to help an injured person there, Officer Kelly.)

So, maybe it really was a self-defense shooting. The man is said to have had a knife, after all, and we all know the foolishness of bringing a knife to a gun fight (or into a situation that could become a gun fight). In today's police state, any encounter with a cop is a potentially deadly encounter and can get out of control quickly. Cops are wound tight, possess an "us vs. them" mindset from the time they decide they want a badge, and anyone they approach is immediately and with good cause stricken with "fight or flight", either of which is a green light for a cop to shoot you without a second thought.

I'm guessing that bus stations have security cameras that could show whether the shot man actually "charged" the cops, as he is "said to have" done. Those tapes should be made public immediately. Then let us each judge the appropriateness of the shooting for ourselves rather than relying on empty assurances from the APD's spokescritter..

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