Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Martinez misses the point yet again

Martinez misses the point yet again

Goobernut-orial candidate Susana Martinez is trying hard to "out-socialist" Diane Denish, the other socialist candidate for the office. Are Albuquerque voters buying the rotten goods these politicians are selling? I suppose we shall see soon enough.

Rather than facing the fact that "public schools" are not geared toward education, but toward indoctrinating the young inmates into socialism and conformity, Martinez proposes making school an even more unpleasant experience for the captives by imposing more tests (that will still be "gamed" in some way as soon as they are implemented).

If education is really the goal, and knowledge (and how to acquire it) is the path toward that goal, then it is imperative to get government out of the schooling business completely. Education is MUCH too important to let government be involved in any way.

If voting is such a good idea, of which I am not convinced, why not get candidates who actually have different perspectives rather than the same old business-as-usual collectivism that is rampant? A false choice between Socialist/fascist candidate A and Socialist/fascist candidate B gets tiresome very quickly, if you allow yourself to see beyond the empty rhetoric. But, of course, government-controlled schooling is necessary to keep people blind to the truth and ignorant of the alternatives. It's a safe system for tyrants and those with ambition to become one.

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