Thursday, September 23, 2010

Metro Detention Center overcrowding- a solved 'problem'

Metro Detention Center overcrowding- a solved 'problem'

Albuquerque's Metro Detention Center is over crowded. In fact it is at 120% capacity. That is a real problem, but not in the way the "authorities" would have you believe. There is no need for more jail construction, more LEOs, or any other false "solution" that strengthens The State. The problem is that there are too many "laws" and that most of them are counterfeit "laws".

Nationally, it is said that about a third of all prisoners are political prisoners. They did nothing wrong, they simply violated counterfeit "laws". They were "arrested" for "drug offenses", or for having a gun outside the numerous infringements committed by The State, or for entering into consensual trade in a way prohibited by the government, or a multitude of other equally ridiculous reasons. They harmed no third party. Releasing these political prisoners would (statistically speaking) eliminate around 870 people from the population of the MDC immediately.

Then consider how many of the rest, those who actually did initiate force, fraud, or theft, would never have taken that route had they not been first segregated into the thug culture after violating a counterfeit "law". Many a decent person has been corrupted after being sent to "Criminal University" on a "scholarship" granted for having some dried leaves in a pocket. It may be too late for them now, but it is not too late for the young guy who has never harmed anyone, but who will be "arrested" on drug charges tomorrow.

Most of the rest of the prisoners should be given the chance to pay restitution to their victims. Caging a person doesn't help their victims. It only helps the tax parasites who depend on this failed "system" for their jobs. Since the victims also have money stolen from them by The State in order to finance the cage industry, they have been victimized at least twice.

The final part of the puzzle is for The State to stop protecting the actual thieves and aggressors among us from the justified consequences of their actions. Stop criminalizing self defense and the possession of the tools with which to carry it out. That would eliminate a lot of the true bad guys and scare a lot of the rest into behaving themselves. Problem solved.

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