Tuesday, September 07, 2010

No drivers licenses for 'illegals' (or anyone else)!

No drivers licenses for 'illegals' (or anyone else)!

Idiot politicians are expressing their vapid opinions yet again. This time the debate is over whether "illegal immigrants" (sic) should be granted driver's licenses.

Goobernut-orial candidates Diane Denish and Susana Martinez are completely missing the point as they try really hard to say what they think voters want to hear. Albuquerque voters may be misguided, but are they really this stupid?

No, "illegals" (sic) should not be granted driver's licenses, and neither should anyone else. Driving, as a form of travel, is a basic human right, and is also protected from government interference by the 9th Amendment. It is not subject to approval from anyone. It is not subject to "licensing". For The State to pretend it has authority to decide who is allowed to travel by the predominate modern mode of transportation is disgusting and evil.

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