Saturday, September 18, 2010

'Public schools' teach that theft, collectivism are A-OK

'Public schools' teach that theft, collectivism are A-OK

Students who were not breaking the rules have had their personal property stolen by the principal of Albuquerque's Van Buren Middle School. Another student was breaking the "no skateboarding" rule, so the principal, in a textbook example of collectivist non-thinking, "confiscated" everyone's skateboards. Because you can control what I do, right? This is a lesson socialists in government love to teach. It forms the basis for "gun control" and other forms of bigotry as well.

The dad of one of the victims foolishly went to report the theft to the police. He wasted his time unless he learned a lesson. The police, who are just as corrupt and dependent on collectivism and theft as the "public schools", refuse to act on this particular theft since the thief, the principal (unnamed in the news story's glaring "omission", but Ms. Cardinal Rieger, according to an internet search), "intends" to return the stolen property in a week. So, I suppose bank holdups are OK with The Law as long as the thieves return the money when they say they will- perhaps after their investments have paid off.

Sending your kids off to be subject to the whims of such people as this principal without principles is abuse. Government is destroying education and replacing it with "schooling" in statism. Separate school and state!

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