Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reality or politics?

Reality or politics?

I'm glad, in a way, to see that the Albuquerque news has returned to addressing reality, rather than Obamality. The bad thing is, this reality is concerning the suffering of innocent people. Lost balloonists, and dead toddlers, and the loss of local jobs that government policies have made inevitable. In that case I guess it would be better to have no real news to report and keep focusing on the putrid emanations of The Anointed One.

Real, innocent people are what matters in this world, and it is better to be concerned over such things than to care about how to get your piece of the action from the politicians and bureaucrats who are busy stealing it "on your behalf" (while skimming a sizeable cut for themselves and their cronies, of course). What really matters is completely different from what lying politicians believe matters.

Real life. This is just real people concerned about the events that affect their everyday lives. No one wants to be forced to worry about politics. Yet, for our own self defense we must, at times, focus on it. We need to know what new violation of our individual human rights is being dreamed up by the enemies of civilization in government offices and legislatures across America. Sometimes we may be able to nip it in the bud if we know what is going down. Just think what would have happened if Americans in 1776 had been able to stop the Constitutional Conspiracy that stole liberty from them and their descendants. In other cases, it is good to know what normal, voluntary, non-harmful actions you need to be secretive about to avoid being kidnapped by thugs in uniform.

When politics and real life meet, tragedy is the result. There is enough tragedy without adding unnecessarily to the suffering. Coercion against the innocent is never OK, especially not for the purpose of taking advantage of them or violating their rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. It's time for Statists to grow up.

Please help!

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