Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sheriff's Association throws tantrum over judge's decision

Sheriff's Association throws tantrum over judge's decision

The Bernalillo County Deputy Sheriff’s Association is squealing like a sty full of stuck pigs over the judge's decision to let the man accused of shooting his deputized kidnapper out of jail for a day to attend his brother's funeral. I'm not surprised. However, if we "lesser citizens" were acting the same way we'd be said to be "whining".

Not a single one of the "crimes" mentioned in the BCDSA's release (out of "nine felonies" the Grand Jury saw fit to indict him on) should be "crimes". Not a single one. Of all the man's previous offenses (resisting arrest, eluding police, domestic violence, and battery on a police officer), only one- domestic violence- is a real offense. And, in today's world it is also one of the least credible. Yes, it does happen a lot, but even more it is made up to punish a significant other- often at the encouragement of the "authorities". I have no idea if the prisoner actually did it or not, but even if he did, let his victim seek restitution and end it there. There is no need to get The State involved. All the rest of his "offenses" are the exercise of the basic right to not be kidnapped and attacked by thugs of whatever type, no matter what silly hat they wear.

In the most pathetic attempt at emotional manipulation, the prisoner's tattoo is used as justification for keeping him a prisoner. Yet LEOs often have tattoos that are just as bad and denigrating to the people they are supposed to be serving. You know, "the public"- their masters. I have seen them myself (admittedly only when the cops were off-duty). I'd say the man's tattoo is a reasonable reaction to what "The Law" has put him through.

I'll be surprised if the judge stands firm in his decision instead of caving to the vociferous whining of Albuquerque's "Only Ones".

Update: Surprise, surprise.

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