Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Armed attack on New Mexico school

Armed attack on New Mexico school

Heavily armed thugs in bullet-proof vests raided a middle school near Espanola (way north of Albuquerque) last month. The parasites thought they had spotted marijuana plants while unethically spying from their airborne anti-liberty vehicles. Instead they risked killing young students and teachers over tomato plants. And, unbelievably, they thought the risk was justified!

Every single one of these "officers" should be fired and jailed, individually- in cells containing victims they have personally helped kidnap and who recognize their assailant. Instead, they are just embarrassed over the "mix up". Embarrassed? They should be so humiliated that they commit suicide over the shame associated with their inexcusable actions!

This is where the evil and stupid War on (some) Drugs inevitably leads. It is past time to end it, and divide the assets of all drug enforcement agencies between all the victims of drug "laws".

One last thought occurs to me: I want to know why this information is just now being made available. Who was hiding this? And why? Why did the school employees or students not spread the news of this endangerment of innocent lives? Why was the news media not doing their job? Did I simply miss this headline-worthy story while everyone else knew about it?



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