Saturday, October 02, 2010

Budget shortfall presents opportunity

Budget shortfall presents opportunity

Albuquerque Public Schools may soon be laying off teachers due to a shortfall of stolen loot. APS is faced with the options of asking The State to steal more on their behalf, cutting extra-curricular activities (which may be great, but do not belong under the control, or finances, of schools), or getting rid of teachers. Of course, instead of using merit to determine which teachers will keep their jobs, APS will use the poor criteria of "seniority".

Teachers are upset, as would be anyone facing the loss of their job. But job loss, at least for the good teachers, is not inevitable. There is a fantastic solution: sell off (or hand over) the so-called "public schools". Then, for the schools that intend to stick with the old method of using teachers and students in classrooms, there will be lots of new job openings. Let the teachers apply for the new jobs. Chances are they could earn a larger paycheck under the new arrangement anyway. Everyone wins. Except The State, and the unfit teachers.

Government has no business being in the business of education. In fact, according to the Constitution, it is illegal since nowhere in that document are public schools specifically authorized. This is an opportunity. Set the children free from the government indoctrination centers, get government out of education, get schools out of the business of extra-curricular activities, and get serious about educating Albuquerque and America. Problem, solved.


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