Friday, October 15, 2010

Do accused cops get preferential treatment?

Do accused cops get preferential treatment?

An Albuquerque LEO accused of raping a young relative on several occasions, both before and after she was 13 years old, and then intimidating her into remaining silent, has been placed on "administrative leave" after being indicted. He can't carry a weapon (they mean "legally", I suppose) and can't investigate crimes as a cop for the duration. I wonder if he still gets to receive his duly-earned stolen money "paycheck" until he is either found guilty or cleared, or if his "leave" dries up that well.

I have no idea if he actually did it or not, but I do tend to suspect he is not getting the same treatment at the hands of The State that someone like you or me would be getting if we were facing the same accusations. It sure seems like he is getting preferential treatment to me.

Even people with supposed images of young people on their computers, who aren't even suspected of actually touching or photographing anyone themselves, get harsher treatment- without delay- at the hands of The State than this cop is getting. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Only, some ganders are more "equal" than we geese because they have a badge.


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