Thursday, October 14, 2010

Do-it-yourself statism

Do-it-yourself statism

If you are rich and think "the rich", including yourself, should pay higher taxes, what is stopping you from sending big checks to government right now? Why do you need a "law" ordering you to do it? As long as you don't force people who have a different idea of how to use their own money to go along, you are within your rights to waste your money however you want. (And make no mistake, sending the money to government is a waste unless you like bloated organizations which spend little of the money on the actual work they claim the money is going toward.) Once you start telling others how they must use their money and advocating "laws" to force them to do as you wish, you become an evil parasite; deserving of a parasite's fate.

This "do-it-yourselfism" could even be adapted to other areas of life.

If you think you have a "right" to control what your neighbor does with his own property, why not walk up to his door and try to force him, personally, to do as you wish? Why take the pathetic coward's way and send heavily armed thugs in your place? Sending thugs doesn't absolve you of your evil act in the slightest, no matter what you may pretend. You are just hiding your evil behind your hired goons.

If you hate for people to own and to carry guns, try to take them away yourself. And do it without a gun so as to not be a hypocrite. Pass all the counterfeit "laws" you want, but no one is obligated to obey a "law" that is counter to natural human rights- one of the most basic of which is the right to possess the best available tools for self-defense, and use them when needed against ANY attack.

If you support the War on (some) Drugs, throw away all your medications. Every single one of them. Don't take drugs. Then physically attack any family member or friend who doesn't subscribe to your silliness. Order them to only eat and drink things you approve of under threat of death. Don't send others to kick in doors in the middle of the night. Do it yourself if you approve. There are probably lots of people who could provide you with a list of houses in Albuquerque the cops are probably planning to conduct an illegal early-morning raid against. Put your life on the line for your beliefs, and accept the consequences of your acts.

Yes, by embracing collectivism - and attempting to force it on people who are too sensible for such simplistic nonsense - you show yourself to be a bad person. But at least you would be an "honest" bad person if you openly admit your goals and carry them out yourself instead of hiding behind the myth of the legitimacy of government.

A reader suggests, in the vein of a "gaggle of geese" a name for a group of cops: "a thug". I can imagine it now... "Did you hear that thug of cops over at the donut shop all arguing among themselves over how to split up the latest drug bust loot?"



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