Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The emperor's clothes never change

The emperor's clothes never change

The emperor's new clothes. They are the same as his old clothes. Imaginary. He has always been completely naked, and this set of "new clothes" is no different than the ones he has always claimed to be wearing.

Many people pretend to see the clothes when it's "their guy" walking around, yet bring attention to the nakedness when it's "the other side's guy" wearing nothing. The emperor is really the entire notion of government- not an individual holding an office, and his "clothes" are the imaginary cloak of legitimacy some people seem to desperately want to see covering the naked aggression that gives this murderous emperor his concrete form.

The cloak of legitimacy is not real, and never has been. I'm one kid who sees that the emperor is naked and tells the truth about it. Yet some people want me to hush. It embarrasses them to have it pointed out since they get their self-worth by following the emperor around, praising him and his "fine garments" and "necessary" (evil) deeds. They blame the messenger for the discomfort of what they don't want to see. They may refuse to see, but it doesn't change the reality.

* * *

In Albuquerque news: A five-month long, and undoubtedly very expensive, investigation by that naked blood-sucking emperor has resulted in nine people kidnapped on "drug charges" in western New Mexico. I'd be interested in cost per hostage (or political prisoner, if you prefer), itemized in detail. If the emperor were truly interested in putting an end to "drug trafficking" as he claims, he could end it today by calling off the stupid and evil War on (some) Drugs. Because he doesn't, we know he is a liar as well as a kidnapper and a murderer.


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