Wednesday, October 20, 2010



A symposium being held in Albuquerque will educate judges, LEOs, and tribal leaders about a new treaty... oops, I mean "law", that affects crime on reservations.

The Federal government paternalistically "gave more authority" to Native tribes to deal with
crime on their reservations with the Tribal Law and Order Act, signed by the president last
summer. And the new "law" also guarantees the feds will keep records of all criminal cases
from the reservations that federal prosecutors decline to pursue. Nothing like getting more individuals into that federal database to increase our liberty and prosperity.

How benevolent of those White Eyes from Washington DC who always speak with two tongues. "Giving" something that is not theirs to give to those who don't need it.

Unless it "gives" tribes the authority to nullify "laws" of lesser, non-consensual groups, such as the federal and state governments, then it is much ado about nothing. But then, the tribes have always had that authority. They should exercise it. As should any voluntary group of individuals.


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