Saturday, October 23, 2010

'Government'- a hysterical overreaction

'Government'- a hysterical overreaction

The State (and its government) is a hysterical overreaction to overblown nonproblems that is then latched onto by evil power-hungry sociopaths for their own purposes, and is supported and cheered by pathetic, empty drones who seek to fill their need to be validated by attaching themselves to something and who want to win the favor of the Rulers.

This "overreaction factor" can be demonstrated more than adequately by stop signs and pot.

There is almost nowhere that a complete stop is necessary for safety. In almost every case, a motorist can see if the coast is clear and whether it is safe to proceed through the intersection without coming to a stop. If stopping is necessary, the sign doesn't change things at all. Stop signs are a hysterical overreaction to "Oh no! An intersection! What do I do?" Traffic signs have been demonstrated to cause a lot of accidents (directly and indirectly), and cities in Europe where such signs are being removed are seeing a huge decrease in delays, accidents, and congestion. Stop signs are a great money-stealing tool for The State, though.

There is absolutely no justifiable reason to kidnap or kill people for possessing, smoking, or selling plants. None. The "laws" are much more dangerous and deadly than marijuana could ever possibly be. If "safety" were really the goal, the "laws" that permit the War on (some) Drugs would be repealed immediately. That they are not shows that whatever the goal may be, it has nothing to do with what's best for you or me. Pot was a nonproblem that hysterical imbeciles and control freaks used to feed their own pathetic addiction. An addiction that actually harms others who are not those addicted, unlike drugs. (The crime that is blamed on drugs is caused by prohibition in the vast majority of cases, and on anti-defense "laws" in almost the entire remainder of cases.)

This truth is also clearly demonstrated in the case of an erotic film festival being forced to look outside the city limits for a venue after Albuquerque "authorities" said that showing erotic movies is prohibited in some (apparently, most) areas of the city. I could understand (though not necessarily agree) if the event were showing the films at a drive-in theater right out in the open for all to see, but that is not the case. Additionally, a city official is saying "the city" is trying to figure out how to ban the censored show the event organizers have scheduled at the Sunshine Theater. It's a hysterical overreaction from busybodies with nothing better to do than to spend their time worrying about what others are doing. They should really get a better hobby.


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