Wednesday, October 06, 2010

How to fix the police

How to fix the police

I am enthusiastic about offering solutions to the problems of statism I point out, Sometimes the solution is between the lines; sometimes, as in this article, I will lay it right out for you to see.

Unless you have been asleep or in deep authority-worshiping denial, you have to admit that having police is a bad idea. It simply doesn't work as advertised. It doesn't help anyone but The State. A look at the police in even such a limited geographical area as the city of Albuquerque should demonstrate that beyond any shadow of a doubt. Even just the past couple of weeks of Albuquerque news should prove my point. The best solution is to immediately disband all police departments and simply walk away; not replacing them with anything. Fearful sheep might be reluctant to slaughter the wolf, trample the shearer, and live free, so what is the next best solution.

Could police be privatized and reined in? Maybe. Pretending that the current method of funding police through theft were ended, and they were either paid by subscription or voluntary contributions, what would their proper role in a free society be? Certainly not arresting people for crimes against the State, such as tax offenses, gun violations, lacking a permit, using or selling drugs, not wearing a seat belt, smoking in a bar, free market sex, speeding, or other victimless acts. In fact, probably not arresting people for anything at all. That is your job and mine if we see an act that can't be made right any other way (which is extremely rare). In a free society cops could do the paperwork for us after we stopped the bad guy.

Police could also perhaps help people who are in trouble, but who can't turn to anyone else for some reason. Such as those who have no friends left after a lifetime of taking advantage of others or just being a jerk. Even these people might deserve some help occasionally.

The primary use of police would be to do the kind of things only a "local" with a lot of time on his hands and no pressing need to be doing anything in particular could do. They could help find lost kittens. They could give directions to the nearest marijuana cafe. They could give a safety pin to someone with a broken zipper. They could jump-start a car with a dead battery. They could give a ride home to a shopper weighed down with grocery bags who is caught in a sudden downpour without a car. In other words they would again be limited to serving and protecting as they were before they became militarized swaggering thugs sheltered from the consequences of their disgusting acts by the badge they wear.

Anything else and they are simply proving themselves to be harmful to civilization, and sealing their eventual fate.



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