Sunday, October 17, 2010

In touch with my caveman roots

I am a primitive. I am still too impressed with cordage, blades, and fire. More impressed than seems proper, by modern standards, anyway. There are so many "bigger" things out there now.

Yet, when I see some cordage I always need to examine it. I even feel the urge to collect and keep inferior cordage, like nylon, that I find discarded. I can make my own cordage, but that just makes me appreciate it more. I know how much work goes into it.

And I love knives. A knife is always a good gift in my opinion. And is a nice find. I even find pieces of metal and think about whether they would make a good blade in a survival situation. And I'll chip stones just to see what sort of edge it makes, and how useful it would be.

Then there's Fire. I love to sit beside a small fire I made with primitive methods and watch it flicker and burn. I love the way it sounds and smells. And the things it can be used for.

I would make a good caveman.

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