Monday, October 04, 2010

In the wake of Obama- more bags of hot air

In the wake of Obama- more bags of hot air

After days and days of Obamania, the Albuquerque news has turned to other bags of hot air. But these are more pleasant bags of hot air than politicians, and not dangerous except to those who choose to associate with them. And no one is forced to associate with them if they'd rather not. That's refreshing hot air.

I have no clue what all is involved in the planning of an event such as the Balloon Fiesta, but I'm sure it is a daunting job to plan and organize and run. I also wonder how much unnecessary red tape is imposed by government. I hate to think of all the government agencies that insist on having their egos stroked by "requiring" permits and licenses and fees. Not to mention the silly "laws" that are enforced against the balloonists.

It's amazing that big events like this can still be carried out under the US Police State. But I am glad they can.


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