Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Is libertarianism an 'ivory tower'?

Is libertarianism an 'ivory tower'?

I was told yesterday that I live in an Ivory Tower. Nice! But it doesn't seem to lift me beyond the height of the ground around me, and it's made out of reddish-brown sandy dirt instead of ivory.

The assertion of my ivory-tower dwelling was made because I claim that voluntary charity is better than coerced welfare, and that instead of government protecting "the weak" from "the strong", it has become "the strong" that preys on "the weak" and it therefore attracts the very worst of "the strong" who wish to prey on others with impunity.

I assure you I would qualify for all sorts of government "benefits" due to my income and situation. I could also "benefit" by using government against people who have harmed me. Many people don't understand why I refuse to take advantage of the government's offers of "help". It's because the cost of "free" is too high for me to afford.

It is pure delusion to claim that The State is in any way good or beneficial. The real problems of real life can not be solved with coercion; only shifted, rearranged, or delayed. They accrue compound interest as well while you move them around to avoid dealing with them. That's the reality, no matter what some might wish.

Respecting liberty and the rights of others always works, in real life, every single time it is applied. That isn't "ivory tower", that's the real world.

In Albuquerque news: Some robbers in Albuquerque may have learned the lesson that if you are going to rob people, you should make certain your get-away car isn't visible to your victims, and that your tank has enough gas to actually get away. They probably should have taken the safer course for thieves and gotten cushy government jobs instead.


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