Saturday, October 02, 2010

Known burglar set free. You know what to do

Known burglar set free. You know what to do

The Albuquerque Police Chief is upset that a man who is accused of over 50 burglaries was let out of jail due to a deal he made with The State. That is perfectly understandable.

I wonder if he would be just as upset if the next time this crook broke into a place, he encountered an armed property owner he didn't know was around and was summarily removed from the gene pool. Or if he had his head architecture renovated by a well-designed booby trap as he broke in. Would the chief seek to punish the property owner for defending his property?

The crook joined forces with The State by turning in his accomplices, and that was a big part of the reason he was let out. Won't this result in a net decrease in the number of thieves on the street? And if this man is known to be a crook, won't it be easy to keep an eye on him from now on? Why not publicize his picture so that everyone will know who the man is and what he chooses to do? That way people can exercise their right of association with regard to the thief.

Maybe the chief is afraid that such actions would make his enforcers more irrelevant. Or give victims of ALL forms of theft new ideas.

Please help!

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