Friday, October 15, 2010

More of those 'rare' bad apples?

More of those 'rare' bad apples?

An Albuquerque cop is a "person of interest" in his wife's 2007 shooting death and may be indicted by a grand jury early next year. And other ABQ cops, rather than just protecting this cop with words of support and denial, may have actually destroyed evidence that could have convicted him. "Thin blue line" indeed.

Do you really want these people to have "legal" access to weapons you are denied the liberty (in violation of your rights) to own and to carry? Do you really think cops are more honest and trustworthy than you or me? I'm not saying he committed the murder, but obviously some people know him and suspect he would be capable of it. I don't want that sort of person to be around me if I am forbidden defensive weaponry at least equal to his. And I certainly don't want him to have any "authority".

I keep wondering- what is it about all these cases involving cops taking so many years to get prosecuted? Preferential treatment again? There has got to be a separation of court and State. IF justice is to be the goal.


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