Tuesday, October 05, 2010

My message of liberty and responsibility to the world

My message of liberty and responsibility to the world

You are humans first. And second and third, and so on, for that matter. I don't care what secondary designation you choose, be it "Christian", atheist, American, Chinese, cop, shoe salesman, "Black", Asian, straight, or gay. Those don't matter one bit if you ignore your humanity. As a human it is your obligation to respect the rights of everyone else, whether you want to or not, and to live with the consequences of your evil acts if you choose to violate the rights of others. If you believe that rights don't really exist outside the mind, then that means you can have no right to impose on anyone else under any justification. It means you can have no authority. Regardless, you have no authority to Rule anyone but yourself. A government paycheck can't give you that authority. The only thing a government job can do is to make you subservient to everyone who is not a government employee. If you forget this fact, or start behaving otherwise, you are scum. You are a festering boil on the flesh of your species. No "law" that attempts to regulate or punish anything outside a real wrong- aggression, theft, fraud, or trespassing- is a legitimate law, and anyone who proposes, advocates, passes, or enforces one of these counterfeit "laws" is an enemy to the species. My species. Such a person is no better than a tapeworm, and probably worse. The tapeworm at least has no ill intent, nor does it pretend to be helping the host. You have no obligation to any imaginary political entity no matter where you were born. If you choose to pledge allegiance to one, realize you are admitting you place thugs and coercion above non-aggressive individuals. You are declaring your enmity to the rest of us, and to our liberty. Collectivism is destructive and stupid, whether it is "E pluribus unum" or "From each according to his ability to each according to his need". They are two ways of saying the same disgusting thing. That the individual has no inherent worth beyond his value to the collective. No piece of paper or contract written and agreed to by people long-dead can apply to you in any way, and you will not impose it on me against my will. If you are scared enough that you want a wall around your property, fine. Just don't involve the rest of us who are not subject to your childish fears. Don't wall me in for I have no need for your type of "safety". If someone doesn't speak the same language as you, it doesn't mean they are talking about you or plotting against you. Either find a way to communicate or go on your way. Their speech does not harm you in the slightest way. Get over it. If someone doesn't have the same idea of Sky Daddy that you do, you'll be OK. There are bigger issues than "morality", such as actual right and wrong. Don't impose your superstition on them; it will only make them hate you. But don't give them the tool, government, to force you to live according to their superstitions, either. If you don't trust the rest of us with guns or other tools of human ingenuity you are welcome to stay at home, cowering in your cave-like shelter- watching TV, safe from the real people surrounding you. If you choose to think of yourself as a victim, then don't be surprised if less-than-nice people victimize you. Your life is in your hands. We, the good people, outnumber the bad people. Both freelance and governmental thugs. And, don't be surprised if we outgun them as well. After all, there is nothing that bad people possess that the good people can't take back if given a reason. It seems as though the bad people are trying their hardest to give good people a reason. They are trying to shove the answer to the "Claire Wolfe question" in our faces. But we are better than them. We are stronger than them. And when they force us to act it will be too late for them to claim they were only kidding. If you want to change the world, change your "nation". To change America, change your state. To change New Mexico, change your town. To change Albuquerque, change yourself. Stop pretending coercion is OK if done "officially" and "legally". Reject it in all your interactions and accept it nowhere. Purge it from your very being. Embrace liberty instead.


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