Thursday, October 21, 2010

Public schools or education? Choose one.

Public schools or education? Choose one.

In Albuquerque news: Politicians just don't get it.

I just heard the Diane Denish "education" ad on the radio again. You know the one- where all the teachers' union members are pretending that government schooling has something to do with education, and where they claim that since Ms. Denish wants to throw tons of your stolen money at those government indoctrination camps it means that she "cares" about children. (It seems more like it means she is beholden to the teachers' union, to me.) Oh, and don't forget that she pushed to get more young inmates into the system earlier through the "pre-K" programs. Please. It almost makes me sick to realize how many people fall for the lie.

Government schools are BAD for children and make a mockery of education. As a wise man has long advocated: "[E]radicate the public schools ... empty out their buildings and raze them to the ground, so that not one stone is left standing on another, and sow salt on the ruins."

Not that Susana Martinez is any better, because she isn't. Socialism is never fundamentally questioned by either candidate. Separate school and state:

DON'T VOTE. If you waste your time and your vote by voting for Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum you are lending an air of legitimacy to an illegitimate system. If you vote you are agreeing to abide by the outcome. Just ignore The State in all its stupidity when at all possible. And elections for governor are one of the possibilities where you should exercise the "liberty option" and refuse to consent to the false "choice".


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