Sunday, October 24, 2010

Resistance is not futile

Resistance is not futile

A nine-year old Albuquerque girl says she was grabbed and put into a van, and that she escaped by jumping out and running. I'm not sure why, but I'm just a tiny bit suspicious of the story. However, I will take it at face value since it illustrates some truth, and since I have no real reason to doubt her.

Her detailed description of the man and his vehicle (a white man in his late 50s with a heavy build - dark hair; balding on top - a black beard - driving a white van with a taped up passenger side window) should make it easy to find him.

I'm glad she did not obey this adult. Kids need to be taught that not only is resistance NOT futile, it is essential. They need to be taught that cooperating with someone who wants to harm them is not the right thing to do. Resist smart by watching for opportunities and taking a chance. It is easier to prevent a situation than to escape once you have let a bad guy get control. The time to make a scene, gouge eyes, kick crotches, break things, and generally misbehave is before you are under the control of the ones who intend you harm. Do not allow yourselves to be herded into a room by a thug determined to take you hostage. Do not hesitate to hurt a kidnapper in any way you can.

Statists might balk a bit at this advice since it would be harder to brainwash children into accepting false differences between freelance monsters and those who work for The State than it is to get "adults" to fall for that particular lie.


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