Sunday, October 17, 2010

The State asks stupid questions

The State asks stupid questions

I see another incident in the Albuquerque news that illustrates a point I have made many times before.

A man was cleaning his gun and accidentally shot his 4-year old son and his mother. Both survived.

The cops admit it was an accidental shooting, but are sending the case to prosecutors to determine whether negligence played a part in the accident.

I can save a lot of taxpayer money right now: Yes, obviously and positively negligence did play a huge part in the accident. Guns don't shoot innocent people by themselves, and people who are not negligent in some way don't shoot innocent people either. So, save yourself the trouble of trying to appear to be "doing something" as prosecutors.

Now that I've settled that question, the other question remains, what is in it for The State if they decide to make a case out of this accident? Money and power, of course. That's all it ever comes down to. Not every accident (if any) needs to become a criminal case and be punished. I don't think this man intended to shoot his relatives, and making an example of him will not prevent this type of accident in the future. Not even in one case. I'll guarantee you the man has learned a valuable lesson and will be more careful from now on (if The State "allows" him to own guns after this). If anyone has a case against this man it is the people he shot. Not The State.



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