Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Abandoned briefcase triggers overreaction in ABQ

Abandoned briefcase triggers overreaction in ABQ

America is populated by cowards. Of course, this is by design, since this way agents of The State can be seen by the fear-numbed population as "doing something" heroic.

Some of those cowards, however, deserve to live in fear. The government-sanctioned thieves at the Albuquerque IRS building went into panic mode Friday afternoon over an abandoned briefcase. Maybe the Albuquerque Police Department left it there. If the IRS employees are doing nothing wrong, why do they believe people are out to harm them? Perhaps some of them do still possess a conscience. Somewhere.

It was all a false alarm. The briefcase contained nothing but air. If the briefcase had turned out to contain one of those "suitcase nukes" we are assured are everywhere, would cowering in place have actually saved the school children that were held captive by the public schools in the vicinity?

The State would be funny if it didn't kill so many people.


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