Sunday, December 05, 2010

Enemy inside the gates

Enemy inside the gates

A gated community in Albuquerque needs better gates for keeping out the riff-raff. And its residents (and ethical people everywhere) probably need to shun at least one member of that riff-raff who lives among them. Too bad the bad guy's identity is withheld.

A busy-body "neighbor", too cowardly to stick a gun in his neighbor's face personally, called in the government to do his dirty work for him when he got upset over the neighbor's porch. Now government has violated the property rights of many of the individuals in the targeted community and is salivating over the money that will flow in from the 96 "violations" the government trespassers found. (Government assumes people will pay rather than sit in jail.)

As always, the nannies claim it is for "their own safety" that this extortion racket is established. "What it there is a fire and it spreads quickly because the houses are too close together?" Yeah, "what if"?

If you don't want a neighbor's porch to be built "too close" to your house, for fire safety or any other reason, keep your own house farther from your property line. Then if your neighbor builds right up to the property line you are still in no danger. You have no authority to control where on his property your neighbor builds. And neither does any government.

As I have written before, "codes" are nothing more or less than a violation of property rights. They have no place in a free society.

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