Sunday, December 05, 2010

Government incompetence brings more problems

Government incompetence brings more problems

More water mains have broken in Albuquerque. I know, this is nothing new. I love the way the KRQE story starts out with a sense of resignation. It's not just ABQ. This is happening in cities everywhere. If it isn't water mains, it is bridges.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Yes, the infrastructure in America is crumbling. Because government has been "in control" of it for far too long. Government doesn't do anything well. Not anything which is necessary, anyway. It steals, kills, molests, trespasses, and defrauds exceptionally well, but this isn't a good thing and benefits no one but goverment employees.

The infrastructure needs to be owned by those with an economic interest in keeping it operational and safe. Government's only contribution would be in staying out of the way. If something needs repairs, they could be done without time-wasting permits and red tape. If it fails, there would be consequences. And there needs to be competition for supplying the needs rather than a government-imposed monopoly. There would still be problems, I am sure. However, this way there would be individuals responsible and accountable. Government is not the solution to anything.

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