Sunday, December 19, 2010

Government 'services'

There are different types of government "services" and different ways of dealing with them.

First off, there are the services that are harmless (other than in how they are financed). Libraries and zoos fall into this category. These things do not intrude upon the lives of those who have no interest in them. Don't like the library? Ignore it and no book police will come to your house and force books upon you. In a free society, let them be run by private individuals and funded voluntarily, rather than how it is usually done today, and there is nothing wrong with them. People could then choose to use them or not, and if not, they aren't forced to pay for that which they don't use.

Those voluntary services I have little problem using, even when government run, though I'd rather have the option of using privately funded alternatives.

Another category is the things that may be necessary but are monopolized by governments, so become a bureaucratic and regulatory burden. Things like roads and water systems. There is no reason to prohibit competition or to have government provide these things at all. If it really is necessary, someone will find a way to do it without coercion and theft.

The last category is less justifiable. This includes all those things that shouldn't be done at all. Things like (modern) police, bureaucrats, tax collectors, meter maids, code enforcement, and other coercive, property rights-violating, "services". These things have no value to individuals (and, by extension, civilization) and should not be done, and wouldn't be done if they didn't rely on theft, "taxation", to fund them.

This last category I would like to see done away with so utterly, completely, and totally that even the memory that they once existed is fuzzy.


An Albuquerque man gets to stay in his apartment a little longer due to an impossibility- or at least something statists claim is impossible: the generosity of individuals who were not forced at gun-point to help someone in need. I can't tell you how often statist claim that things like this would never happen without government coercion. Yet they do happen and here is proof.


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