Friday, December 17, 2010

Passed-out drunk cop off the hook

Passed-out drunk cop off the hook

The (now former) Albuquerque cop who was found passed-out drunk in his car on the side of the road has had the charges dropped.

As I have said before, he did the right thing. If you realize you are too drunk to drive you should stop driving. Immediately. "Laws" that would punish you for being responsible and doing the right thing are wrong.

However, the case that the judge cited as the reason he was dropping the cop's case differs in a rather substantial way. That man was passed out in the driver's seat, but the vehicle's keys were on the passenger seat. The state supreme court said there wasn't enough evidence that he had actually been driving. I agree. In this cop's case, he was on the side of the interstate, with the keys in the ignition, with the vehicle running. Any idiot could deduce he had been driving. If he were not an "Only One" I think the case would not have been dropped under these circumstances. I despise double standards.


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