Friday, December 17, 2010

Statists following the script

Why is it perfectly OK- normal and natural, in fact- to point out the evils of stealing, kidnapping, or raping when done by freelance thugs, but it becomes "whining" when pointing out the exact same acts by government employees? On top of that ridiculousness, the supporters of those government parasite thugs expect us to thank them for "giving us freedom". What a crock promoted by a bunch of idiots.

It's like a really bad joke where no one even remembers the punchline anymore. And, then, inevitably, they'll whip out the old "Love it or leave it" nonsense- usually mentioning Somalia as a place where we rational people should go and die. (Of course, Somalia is not an anarchy, but a mess of wanna-be governments fighting among themselves- killing scores of innocent people in the process- and where threatened governments of the world try desperately to impose some sort of government on the population, or at least make certain to keep peace from spontaneously occurring, lest it expose the government lie. Somalia is "politics" in its most pure form.)

It's like a script that government worshipers follow anytime their sacred cow is poked. And it fails because it is all one huge lie. It's pathetic that they can't think independently enough to come up with new excuses and a new script, but if they could think independently, they wouldn't be copsuckers and government enthusiasts, would they.

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