Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Technical question

If anyone has a clue how to (if possible) to set up a subdomain as a page on my KentForLiberty website, let me know.

I gave this blog a custom subdomain (blog.kentforliberty.com) and I would like to have this blog as a page on my website, but I am confuzzled by the technicalities and can't even figure out if such a thing is possible.

If I don't know what you are talking about if you try to explain it, have patience, please!


  1. Three ways I can think of, depending on what your back-end software is for KentForLiberty. I'm assuming it's not WordPress, so my third option won't work in that case.

    The first is to "redirect" from a blank page to the actual blog page. The second is to put the blog page into frames on a regular page. Both are rather complex and have advantages and disadvantages.

    The advantage to the redirect is that it actually takes people to the new page. The disadvantage is that some browser security settings can block this. My settings in Firefox, for instance, would pop up a "do you want to redirect?" box before doing anything. This is the easier of the two options, though.

    The frames are harder to pull off, but don't have the browser problem. They do, however, affect your site's view to search engines and may change how your site is seen in some older browsers.

    You can probably Google more information on both of these options.

  2. I looked into it and all that is WAY more complicated than I'm willing to get in to... so I guess I'll just keep it like I have it now: link