Monday, December 13, 2010

TSA trial comes to ABQ

TSA trial comes to ABQ

Come January, Albuquerque gets the dubious distinction of being the site of the nation's first TSA-defiance trial- against a man who defied the professional molesters and became the target of the molesters' gang. And, no, this isn't the "Don't touch my junk" guy.

If there were ever a good time for jury nullification, this is it! The man did nothing wrong and should be set free. His accusers should then be required to personally pay all his legal expenses out of their own pockets- by selling their homes and vehicles if necessary- as well as any lost income and travel expenses that resulted from this kidnapping. This is the only possible outcome that serves justice.

So, in case you or anyone you know gets called for jury duty anytime soon, please educate yourself and everyone you know, and don't be a useful idiot to be used as the terrorists of the TSA/federal government would like to use you. Make sure there is NO ONE left in Albuquerque who is ignorant of the right and THE DUTY of a jury to void counterfeit "laws".

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