Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dealing with aggressors

Dealing with aggressors

Aggressors can be found anywhere and everywhere. There are not very many of them compared to the rest of us, especially if you only count the aggressors who get their own hands dirty rather than the average, cowardly, ones who send the hired goons of government to commit their aggression for them. Most of those "send government" aggressors will hide in terror when they can't send hired thugs in their place. However, the small percentage of aggressors among us wreak a lot of havoc when we believe we are powerless to actually do something to stop them. We should get over that delusion.

Most freelance aggressors only seem dangerous when protected by "laws" that penalize self-defense (such as those thugs operating on the ruined streets of Haiti now). Only government- through its twisted legacy of "law and order" and disarmament- gives those thugs a safe environment in which to work. Hypothetically, if a thief is caught in your home and you kill him in the act, who would ever come knocking on your door to ask you if you had seen him? Does he have any connection to you in any way? Did he leave a sticky-note telling his family he would be at your address, just in case he went missing? It's doubtful. Don't fear or hesitate to deal with this type.

The rest of the aggressors are a more difficult case. Only when gathered into a gigantic organization do aggressors pose any (possibly) insurmountable threat. The government is bigger, more aggressive, and vastly more dangerous than any "street gang" of freelance thugs who victimize the denizens. Plus, a large percentage of the population is brainwashed into not seeing them as aggressors at all.

When an aggressor who works for the government is justifiably struck down by his intended victim, the rest of his organization, his gang of government, makes certain to severely punish the individual who was only defending himself from that aggression as an example to the rest of us. And the gang works tirelessly with lies and half truths to manipulate public opinion to take sides with them. Cory Maye is a prime, ongoing, example of this injustice.

At this time in history, the number of aggressors in the gang of the state seems endless when you are on the receiving end of their attention. They depend on this "strength in numbers" illusion to keep people intimidated enough that few openly resist, and even fewer fight back, and those who do are usually either caged or murdered. Only the resultant fear keeps people submitting to the "legalized" theft and coercion that is the founding principle of every government that has ever existed. That may not always be the case. In fact, by reading between the lines of the narrative, I'm sure that dog-eared chapter of The Story of Civilization is wrapping up. Remember, we outnumber them.