Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Computers die too

I had a computer scare tonight. My computer started making awful sounds and kept re-starting, but never going to my sign-in screen. Just as suddenly as it started doing that, it repaired itself and is seeming to work fine right now. Will it last?

Chances are I will not be able to afford another computer anytime soon if this one dies. Maybe if that happens I will take it as a sign that my years of embracing technology and writing about liberty have come to an abrupt end and it is time to go back to my stone tools and leather full time. There are worse things.

So, if I suddenly disappear from the online world, you will know what probably happened.

Stay armed. Stay alert. Be aware.

Stay armed. Stay alert. Be aware.

The latest JPFO alert reminded me of something I have thought many times, but have failed to properly express before it was too late in the past. This time I'm saying it now, hoping that you will take it to heart and not forget.

The upcoming Supreme Court case on the incorporation of the Second Amendment, McDonald vs. The City of Chicago, means that gun owners need to be especially vigilant for the next several months. Why? Because you can almost bet that the anti-gun forces are planning to stage another massacre with one of their pre-programmed "manchurian shooter" "sleepers" before the ruling.

Gun owners need to be ready, and able, to either prevent this entirely or stop it in its tracks if it does begin. The massacre will almost assuredly occur in a "gun free zone" and that means if it is to be stopped it will have to be stopped by a good person who violates that counterfeit "law". In the meantime you can not afford to go anywhere unarmed.

No matter the ruling, your rights will remain the same, since the Second Amendment doesn't apply to anyone who isn't a government employee, and then it only forbids them to enact or enforce gun "laws" of any sort. However, your liberty will be damaged by any ruling other than full incorporation. I realize that an anti-incorporation ruling might be the trigger, pun intended, to set off the firestorm that finally brings down Leviathan, but I am in favor of peaceful solutions if at all possible. Let the state wither and die rather than commit a massive murder/suicide. And this is possibly the last opportunity for that peaceful solution.

Stay armed. Stay alert. Be aware. Give the Supreme Court no excuses and no wiggle-room. Then, whatever happens, you can know you did your part and the blood is not on your hands.