Monday, February 01, 2010

'Give me your tired (of liberty-haters)...'

'Give me your tired (of liberty-haters)...'

Comparing America and England, and the respective dominant "cultures" of each, gave me an idea. Why not encourage all the gun-haters and otherwise self-hating, socialism-loving people to emigrate to England where guns are illegal and where self-defense is now routinely punished more harshly than aggression?

Then there would be plenty of room to encourage all the freedom-loving people of England to immigrate, with or without government "permission", to America. Let the conflicting cultures sort themselves out voluntarily through freedom of association. I would love to have men such as Philip A. Luty as my neighbor. Maybe with an influx of people who are knowledgeable on the subject of liberty it would be easier to overwhelm and crush the vermin of the BATFE and all the other anti-defense government agencies (and I guess that includes them all).

Of course, government would not "allow" that to happen, with all the "immigration" nonsense that is espoused. Once again, government and its sympathizers would be acting in ways that harm innocent people by their refusal to cooperate.

I'm not talking about any compulsory acts here; just encouragement. I have no obligation to make life easy for anyone who hates or fears liberty and guns (and the two are completely inseparable). Turn up the heat, and turn it up fast enough that the self-loathing frogs of statism jump out of the pot; while the liberty-lovers find the warm glow of real freedom a comfortable attractant.

Get rid of every single form of welfare, and every single gun "law". Those who don't wish to live that way would be completely free to go. They will make our lives better by leaving. No limits of how much cash they can take out of the country. Forget passports. Don't strip-search them at the airport. Nothing. Let them go. Then, similarly, put nothing at all in the way of those who wish to experience greater liberty here. Just get rid of any and all government rationing or regulation of immigration.

I would love to see the effect such a migration would have on the freedom of America, and on the decline of England. I'd even reverse destinations if it would make the logistics easier to accomplish.

Dog-nappings and purse snatchings: Here there be lessons

Dog-nappings and purse snatchings: Here there be lessons

It seems Albuquerque is experiencing a rather strange crime wave. Didn't the mayor just say he was wanting to declare a war on property crimes? Of course, I didn't hear him endorse the only thing that has any possible chance of actually reducing property crimes. That would be "unthinkable" for a confirmed, and unrepentant, statist.

I'm referring to the dog-nappings. I always have a small suspicion when it is claimed that any abducted animal, or person for that matter, is ill and possibly contagious and needs their medications immediately. It sounds like a ploy. I become more suspicious when the report quotes "officials". Still, theft is theft, and theft is always wrong. Unless you are reclaiming your property from the real thief, and it doesn't seem this was likely the case in either instance.

Even more dangerous are the purse snatchers who are working local parking lots. Stay armed, stay alert, and be aware. This is to say- stay ready. Don't look or act like a victim, but look like you can handle yourself. Look around you instead of watching the ground at your feet as you shuffle along. If nothing else, you will scare away predators because of your unusual behavior.

Thieves always deserve to encounter people who refuse to be victimized, but the state does all it can to protect thieves from the consequences of their actions. Too bad.

Obviously you can't guarantee you will never be attacked or have your property stolen. However, there are always things you can do to make your odds better; you will rarely hear them from those who depend on the proliferation of aggression and theft for their "job" security. Learn for yourself from those who have no horse in the race.