Thursday, February 04, 2010

Liberty is in danger when legislature conspires

Liberty is in danger when legislature conspires

Looking over recent "work" by the legislature I notice a theme.

Senate Bill 55, sponsored by Sen. Sander Rue, R-Albuquerque, is supposed to help "missing people". Yet, its "solution" is not addressing the root of the problem. Missing people go missing for a variety of reasons. Some are taken against their will. Does this bill address why unwilling people are easily coerced? Does it make it less likely that an abduction would be successful? Does it remove "laws" against effective self-defense and the tools that make that possible? No, it only adds bureaucracy so that government entities can communicate with one another. What are the penalties if a government entity fails and someone goes missing, and stays missing until it is too late, anyway? What about people who choose to "go missing" for some reason?

Then there is a plan to steal more money from people who wish to buy things that taste good. "Taxing sugar". Remember, the state knows best, and you are a disobedient child who must be punished if you don't do as your "Mommy", the State orders you to do. That "Mommy" gets to make money off the deal is just unhealthy sugar in the icing on the cake. But, it's "for the children", don't you see?

More time is also being wasted, through SJM 29, passing nonsense, feel-good tripe that encourages congress to adopt "green energy" legislation. Never mind that no such authorization is anywhere to be found in the Constitution, and even if it were "authorized" by willfully-"misinterpreted" clauses, it would still be wrong. And of course, in spite of the lies to the contrary, this sort of "law" will only hurt the economy and individuals. Government does not "make jobs", but it destroys real jobs and replaces them with government parasites who suck up the stolen money without returning any value.

The legislators could be spending their time in productive pursuits, like repealing any and all "laws" that attempt to regulate, prohibit, or control anything other than actual aggression or theft. But then they would have to cease and desist from legislating, wouldn't they.

So the New Mexico legislative thugs are busy doing the only thing they know how to do: destroy liberty, and with it, America. It's a good thing their hubris and ignorance will soon render them a curious and tragic footnote in the history of civilization.