Sunday, February 07, 2010

Calculated miscarriage of justice in shooting incident

Calculated miscarriage of justice in shooting incident

To be filed under "someone has to be charged with something" is the example of Kenneth Therell and Billy Williamson.

In their home near Albuquerque, they fought and Williamson shot Therell, who then took the gun and killed Williamson, his attacker. OK, so maybe it isn't quite that cut and dried, but once someone shoots me, the pain and adrenaline would likely cloud my judgment and make me empty the gun into my attacker. After all, it was a .22, not a more effective caliber, and one shot with a .22 is unlikely to stop the attack. This all would be considered by reasonable people.

For the "authorities" to preemptively crow that Therell will be charged with "murder" when released from the hospital is arrogant, ridiculous, and unjust. It illustrates once again that government can not be trusted with the "justice system" since they have no clue how to wield it.

This is one of those cases where the true facts will probably never be known. In such a case the actions of the person defending themselves from an armed attack should not be second-guessed.

Will this let guilty people get away with murder? Yes, just like the current "charge anyone who survives" strategy does. It is better for an infinite number of guilty people to escape justice than for one innocent person to be punished by the State. Guilty people are likely to attack again, and when the State stays out of the way, there is a very good chance they will not survive their predations for long. The State makes it dangerous to protect yourself from attackers, and in doing so, makes it safe to be a thug. This is the opposite of "civilized" and "justice".