Sunday, February 14, 2010

'Laws' spawn 'crime'

'Laws' spawn 'crime'

The authoritative voice coming from my car radio informed me that "most of the crime in our community is drug related". Well, duh. And if you outlaw breathing the majority of the crime in Albuquerque will be oxygen related. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out, although it apparently does take a statist to be blind to that fact. This voice then encouraged me to become a snitch for the badged goons. Sorry; not gonna happen.

If you attack or steal from a person you are doing wrong. It doesn't matter if your "drug" habit or your government job is the excuse you use. Wrong is still wrong. As long as someone is not initiating force and is not stealing it is not within anyone else's authority to forbid them from doing anything they want to do. They can burn their brains up with harsh chemicals or statist delusions. It makes no difference which to liberty-loving people once the line of coercion or theft is crossed. Authoritarians and their governments cause more real harm to innocent people than all the "drugs" combined and then added to all the other freelance aggression in the world.

Who is the real menace?