Monday, February 15, 2010

'Rape prevention' or 'rapist protection'?

'Rape prevention' or 'rapist protection'?

The story was about the New Mexico National Guard teaching "rape prevention" in Albuquerque. What disgusts me is the person who was quoted as being against women fighting back. Well, that and the fact that the "rape prevention" training did not include informing women of the One Tool that can actually give them the best chance of avoiding being harmed during the "encounter". And both of these "experts" were supposedly on the women's side.

This is the comment I posted, preserved here in case it doesn't meet the "politically correct" criteria and gets deleted:

Anyone who tells a person to not fight back against an attack is just as bad as
the attacker and should either be ashamed or shunned to death. Fight back
with everything you have! Never assume that a rapist "only" wants to rape
you. He may also want to kill you afterward. And for goodness sake,
get a gun and learn how to use it- and keep it with you at all times regardless
of any "law" prohibiting you to do so. There is no other tool that is as
effective in the hands of the small and weak at letting them defeat the big and
strong with less chance of being hurt. None. If anyone tells you
otherwise they are lying to you. No one ever wants you disarmed except to
help them do things to you which you wouldn't permit if you had the tools to
prevent it. No one who wants you disarmed is your friend and they are
never giving you the bad advice "for your own good".

If this just gets to one woman, or anyone else for that matter, and makes them think about doing something to protect themselves and then actually put it in action, it will be a good thing. And it will be a bad day for the aggressors out there.