Wednesday, February 17, 2010

'Glass control'- can it be far behind?

'Glass control'- can it be far behind?

Let's pretend for a moment that the government has gotten its way and guns have been banned and are all gone (except for those "owned" and carried by government agents who enforce the "laws" against the rest of us, of course).

How much will an absence of guns slow down truly bad people? According to this story about a disgusting "piece of work" in Albuquerque who shoved broken glass in his girlfriend's mouth, then covered her mouth with a rag and made his dog attack her, it won't slow them down much. How is that better than if he had shot her? The truly delusional hoplophobe may try to point out that "at least he didn't kill her" with the weapons he used, yet guns are not universally fatal either.

Someone like this monster can always find weapons to use against other people; weapons such as glass, a dog, and a rag. Or hands, rocks, dog leashes, or water (oh, wait, that's a government-approved weapon in certain evil hands).

How has this "man" managed to keep his neighbors and girlfriend fearful for so long? I could be wrong, but I'll bet if there are any neighbors who are properly armed, they are not afraid of this creature. They may be afraid of what his actions will make them do, and the inevitable "imperial entanglements" that will result from true justice being dished out, but if they are properly armed there is no reason for them to be afraid of him. Never let a bully intimidate you. Not an independent one, nor one backed by the force of government. Once you let one get away with it, the bullying never stops.