Thursday, February 18, 2010

The 'Sleep it off' bill

The 'Sleep it off' bill

The passed-out-drunk Albuquerque LEO should have waited a while. He and the deputy who gave him "Only One" treatment might have avoided a lot of trouble if they had waited until Senate Bill 151 passes.

The bill would once again make it "legal" for a drunk person to "sleep it off" in their parked car. Rational people have already pointed out that this is the responsible thing to do when you realize you are not sober enough to drive, but the current "law" makes it seem better to take the chance to get home rather than risk the almost certain fate of being arrested for recognizing you shouldn't be driving. After all, a sleeping person is a stationary target.

The bill would also stop LEOs from "arresting" people who are "under the 'legal' limit". Obviously, they shouldn't be doing that anyway. If they had any sense, that is. It is sad that people think there is a need to pass a "law" to stop LEOs from doing something that is already wrong for them to do. LEOs should discover the difference between right and wrong on their own. I know. It won't happen; they are too far gone.

As I have advocated before, the solution to this manufactured problem is to abolish the counterfeit "laws" that make this new "law" seem necessary. "Potential to cause harm" doesn't pass muster. No harm; no victim; no crime.