Thursday, March 04, 2010

Fighting to control the train's rudder

Fighting to control the train's rudder

Electoral politics is like fighting over who gets to hold the rudder of the train. The people who want to control the rudder, or who vigorously support the candidate they want controlling the rudder, are misguided at best.

If you are ever on a train which has a rudder you can be certain it is merely a distraction from the real business of running the train. Possibly for the purpose of keeping the well-meaning but ignorant "citizens" busy and out of the way. The fact is that the real focus needs to be on who built the tracks, where those tracks are leading, and who's at the throttle. But those things are not ever up for a vote. This is not an oversight, but is by design.

Bureaucrats, many politicians, favored corporations, and certain powerful insiders are happy that so many are fighting for control of the rudder. It ensures that no real change will ever take place to threaten the status quo.

So don't worry about the rudder, but don't condemn those who wish to hold it for the feeling of control it gives them. If possible point out the truth about the rudder but don't be surprised when people accuse you of not caring that the train is headed for a ravine because you don't share their concern for the rudder. It is a delusion that is deeply seated in a great many people and a lot of effort is expended keeping that delusion in place.

Next time it is election day, please keep this in mind and don't allow yourself to be distracted with busy-work that does nothing for Liberty.