Sunday, March 07, 2010

No new cops?

No new cops?

The budget crisis has caused the Albuquerque Police Department to close* its LEO academy. So, no new ABQ LEOs. Good first step. Now, what would be the best next step? Remove "legal" prohibitions on self-defense and defense of property. Then fire the rest of the cops.

LEOs are just the collection arm of the city government anyway. Without them tasked with finding excuses to steal money and property on behalf of their masters, those masters will need to go out and find honest jobs.

LEOs also are "necessary" to maintain the myth of "chaos". They enforce "laws" that make aggression and theft safe for the bad guys so that the "crime" can be used as an excuse for the continuation of the failed status quo. The bitter (for them) truth is that without the "law" protecting the Rulers and the freelance thugs ("criminals") from facing the consequences of their poor career choices, they will either find honest ways to live, or they will die. Either way, it is very good news for the productive denizens of the area.

*Government never "closes" anything permanently. A manufactured "outcry" will undoubtedly cause them to either "find" the money somewhere or hold some other program hostage until the "academy" is rescued from the trash heap of statist obsolescence. Just watch.