Thursday, March 11, 2010

Over-cooperation with the state

Over-cooperation with the state

I'll admit it. This story from the Albuquerque area, which has "gone national", has me stumped as to what to think.

A woman who decided she was too drunk to drive, stopped driving, called the cops to report herself, and was then arrested by the grateful LEO.

Now, since she had not hurt anyone, and had pulled off the road like a responsible person would do, and even (foolishly) reported herself to the "authorities", it seems those "authorities" should have had the decency to go easy on her. Perhaps take her home and thank her for being responsible enough to stop driving as soon as she realized she shouldn't be driving.

Instead, as is usually the case when the State (in the generic sense of the term) is involved, she had to be punished. After all, there is no money or power to be grabbed by the state unless criminal charges or "civil penalties" can be levied. Right?

Obviously, her mental state was not right, judging by statements she made to the responding deputy. The same observation could be made about anyone who hands themselves over to agents of the state, though.

I suppose the lesson here is that some people are just too brainwashed into the cult of Ruler-worship to recognize that calling the "authorities" isn't the smart thing to do. I doubt these same people would hesitate even an instant before doing you or I the same "favor".