Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Random hatred or statist desperation?

Random hatred or statist desperation?

I am noticing a shift in the attitude of the statists online. I began to notice it before the recent misguided yet amusing comments began to flood my column, but this event certainly made me consciously aware of something that was only subconsciously noticed before.

The shift I speak of is a definite drift toward nastiness and hatred. Not just in the off-the-mark vitriol they post in my comments section, but other places as well. Theirs is not the attitude of people who think they have the high ground; rather it reeks of desperation.

I read the same tired and discredited arguments thrown up time after time, when they try to present arguments at all, that is. I see the same sorts of insults tossed randomly at the wrong target. I notice the same "fingers-in-the-ears, screaming 'La-la-la'" tactic employed again and again. In all this I recognize the militant denial of the loser.

There has always been the odd authoritarian around who can not meet criticism of his chosen religion (state worship) without snapping, but I am seeing it more and more these days. They can't refute the arguments, so they just start striking out however they can. They must know their time as the dominant, or at least loudest, ideology is coming to an end. The panic of realization is setting in.

Perhaps it is due to the repeated failure of coercion to make anything resembling a "better world". Maybe it is due to the stress of seeing fiat money systems collapsing. Maybe their "hope and change", or their "traditional values" have let them down one too many times.

It is sad to see people losing all they have ever believed in, but that's the tragedy of believing in something that is wrong. If they can stop throwing stones long enough to listen, there are plenty of people willing to teach them how to help themselves. However, the responsibility for their own destruction rests solely upon their own heads if they refuse to grow up.

Instead of finding this "attention" disheartening, I find it a confirmation of being on the correct path. Feel free to respond to this "person" as he leaves his fetid droppings everywhere, if you are so inclined. I, however, am finished with him*. You can't reason with a carrot.

*However, I will not delete his comments since they illustrate my point so well. Give the monkey a loaded gun and stand back.

A group of mentally disabled people (not the commenter referred to above, as far as I know) was found to be locked inside their Albuquerque home. A home managed by a "corporation" (a government-favored business) that receives operating money from government might not be the best place to place your disadvantaged relatives. Private business and individuals are more accountable to their customers. But, that's just my opinion. Fortunately, no one died in this case.