Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Obama's 'Universal Health Prevention' plot

Obama's 'Universal Health Prevention' plot

Don't worry too much about the fe(de)ral government's new health prevention scheme. Yes, it is a very bad thing for the state of medical care in America (and this is coming from one of the "uninsured" people you hear about), but it is a necessary phase in the death of the State. This is one of those painful death-throes of which many liberty writers have warned.

If a huge dragon is dying and thrashing about as it spews flames all around, your best bet for survival is to not be underneath its body or even anywhere near it as it dies. Stay out of reach and don't poke it once it stops twitching to see if it is really dead. Simply get away from it. Fast!

The same with the State. Don't depend upon it for anything, and avoid it in every way you can manage. If you do so you will probably be OK.

You are on your own, but you always have been regardless of assurances to the contrary. Find doctors and nurses NOW who you trust and who are willing to work "under the table" for silver or gold, or even FRNs. There will always be some around no matter what the government dictates, but when you need their services in an emergency situation, it will be too late to try to find them.

What I would like to see is health care professionals who value liberty refusing, from this point forward, to treat anyone who works for government in any capacity. It probably won't happen, but it is what should always happen to those who are guilty of stabbing you in the back.
Otherwise you shouldn't be surprised to find yourself stabbed a second, third, or fourth time.

Don't make the mistake of thinking the "Republicans" are not equally to blame. Simply voting against something this destructive is a cowardly abdication of duty. Had they been serious about honoring their oaths of office they could have demanded the arrest of Obama and the "Democrats" in congress, or made citizens' arrests themselves. Sure, it could have been chaotic and messy, but in the face of what happened, any real act of courage would have been preferable. Of course, that would open them up to similar action when their plots involve violating their oaths of office and harming innocent people. Instead they showed the world that they are a part of the problem rather than a part of the solution. Just as anyone who has been paying attention already knew.

Census thoughts- So, I get where the Constitution authorizes the government to ask how many of "us" live in America. (Never mind all the obviously illegal questions now on the census.) What I can't seem to find anywhere is where the Constitution requires "us" to answer, nor where the Constitution authorizes the government to punish those who refuse to comply. Just food for thought.

Would you be offended by a dead giraffe in a dumpster? A popular giraffe at the Albuquerque zoo was euthanized due to an injury, then dismembered and put in a trash bin at the zoo (that must have been a seriously big trash bin!) before being taken to the landfill rather than being taken straight to the landfill. Pardon me for thinking that it couldn't possibly have mattered to the giraffe one way or the other, since it was dead.