Saturday, April 03, 2010

Movie review: "making bombs"

This is a review of the imaginary movie, "making bombs". The movie only exists in a dream I had last night. The picture to the side is a crude approximation of the title screen I "saw" as the movie began.

The movie is the story of Michael, a television reporter who, in the tradition of firefighters who practice a little arson on the side, sets bombs to go off and then reports on them. The difference is in the "why".

The background for this tale is a civil rights struggle in an alternate reality. One that is not so very different from our own reality.

Liberty is gone, and those who value it are the second-class citizens. Michael is careful to harm no innocents and to destroy no private property with his bombs while he uses them as an excuse to report on the cause of those who are being oppressed. He is a mole for Liberty in the state-run media.

In my head, the movie was very exciting and inspiring, and Michael was a true hero in every sense of the word. Too bad it doesn't really exist.

I can't tell you how the story ends, since I woke up too soon. Maybe it is for each of us to write the ending.

Libraries and 'sex offenders'

Libraries and 'sex offenders'

A judge has done a partially right thing. Albuquerque officials have been told they can no longer ban "sex offenders" from public libraries without violating their "First Amendment rights". At least as the "law" is currently written.

U.S. District Judge M. Christina Armijo claims to have struggled with the case, and claimed city officials have a "legitimate interest" in protecting children from harm, danger and crime, "especially crimes of a sexual nature."

No, Judge, governments do NOT have "legitimate interests". All government interests are counterfeit. This is just another example of claiming "compelling government interests" as a bogus excuse to flush liberty down the drain. You and I have a legitimate interest in protecting children from harm, and protecting every other innocent person from harm as well. When an organization that does nothing BUT harm thinks it has any "legitimate interests", everyone becomes a target sooner or later.

To single out "crimes of a sexual nature" is hypocritical in the extreme. Harm is harm. It is up to you and it is up to me to protect those who are innocent from the aggression of the parasites in society. Even, and especially, those who pretend to be there to "protect us" and claim a "legitimate interest" in our lives.

Government has no legitimate authority to violate a person's rights. Either ALL your rights are intact, or you are dead. Aggressors should face the near certainty that their intended victim is armed. And armed effectively and appropriately for their skill level, regardless of age. They should also face the near certainty that everyone within earshot is armed as well. Those decent people within earshot, and the intended victim, should never, ever, face the possibility of "legal" harassment for defending themselves or others from aggression.

The first attempted attack should be the last attempted attack. If you are an aggressor (sexual or not), being dead is often the proper condition. Remember that it is government which protects aggressors from facing the justifiable consequences of their actions in the majority of instances.

And that is my opinion.