Sunday, April 04, 2010

'Dial 911 and die' demonstrated once again

'Dial 911 and die' demonstrated once again

An Albuquerque woman has died after calling 911. Murdered. Her boyfriend has confessed and has been arrested. The cops showed up to look at her corpse. I'm sure her family and friends find that a comfort.

I can't emphasize this enough: Do not depend on anyone else for your protection. Never, never, never! Your safety is YOUR responsibility. Anyone who tries to make you believe otherwise is your mortal enemy, no matter whether they be cops, "friends", peers, the president, the media, your preacher, or ignorant activists. They would all rather see you dead than alive due to your use of an effective self-defense tool.

The LEOs may not have directly killed her in this case, but they were worse than useless in protecting her. In as much as the official LEO line is that self-defense is a slightly disreputable endeavor and you should let the professionals "take care of" you, they have blood on their hands- as long as they arrest or harass even one person for being armed without official permission they are a major part of the problem and a barrier to the solution.

You may think I harp on this subject. I assure you I do not spend enough time on it. Depending on government, or any of its agents, for your safety or survival is suicidal. If only she had realized that, the situation might have turned out better.