Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A dangerous idea whose time has come

A dangerous idea whose time has come

The idea that coercive government is destructive to civilization is a dangerous idea. Not because it is wrong, but because it is demonstrably right. It is dangerous to those who depend on having the appearance of legitimacy as they do things as "government", backed up by the guns of government, that they would be killed for doing individually.

Few people would shrug their shoulders and allow freelance thieves steal 88% of their wealth, yet this is the approximate amount lost to government at all levels, through taxation, regulation, fees, and every other way government takes money and destroys productivity. I awakened to that truth; I am confident anyone can.

Few people would stand aside while nosy neighbors demanded to control what you eat or otherwise ingest. Yet, put the silly hat of government on that nosy neighbor and we accept the meddling of the FDA and the DEA. We even look away as they kill people who don't submit to the meddling.

Few people would submit to having their houses stolen by an armed gang, and given to those who bought the armed gang their weaponry and cars. Yet, call it "eminent domain" and it happens all the time, and those who protest are considered "extremists".

Few people are delusional enough to believe that their food can only be provided by forcing others to give it to them, yet many fall for the same delusion about their safety. Anything needed can be purchased or made at home, and if it must be stolen from others in order for you to have it, it is not "necessary".

The examples are almost endless.

Government, as it is commonly thought of, is not only a destructive gang, it is a tragically unnecessary one as well. The acknowledgment of that fact should not be dangerous. It should be self-evident.

Albuquerque mayor Berry is using a tried and true extortion method common to politicians: threatening a popular "tax"-supported item, the Albuquerque Balloon Museum, to try to get people to give up more of their money to his kind. Disgusting and predictable tactic, Mayor. You have shown your true sleazy colors.

Politicians and bureaucrats should be the first on the chopping block when budgets run short. LEOs and other unnecessary burdens should be right behind them. And, instead of trying to emotionally manipulate ("emotionipulate"?) "tax cows" into handing over more loot, museums (and everything else) should be privatized rather than used as hostages.

The balloon museum should be offered for sale. Cities should "own" nothing. If the museum is popular and wanted, it will be purchased, it will survive, and it will make its new (and likely smarter) owners a profit. If not, vaya con Dios.