Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Statism: the foulest bigotry

Statism: the foulest bigotry

Bigotry involves thinking you are better than someone else. Which, in a way is obviously true. You are better than some people, and some other people are better than you, or me. The only real measure of "better" involves how you interact with others. Do you aggress against or defraud them? If so, they are better than you. This is one pitfall of statism- by embracing it you elevate your opposition to a position above you, ethically.

All people are not "equal" in the commonly misunderstood way, but everyone does have the exact same rights. It doesn't matter where they were born, what religion they practice, how much melanin is in their skin, how intelligent they are, or what condition their body is in. Their rights are fully intact and identical to the rights of every other person alive. Bigotry refuses to recognize that.

Albuquerque is a big place with a rich history that involves several different ethnic and cultural groups. It wouldn't be the same, like a puzzle missing a piece, if someone is marginalized because of their differences. There is room for everyone as long as no one uses coercion to impose themselves on others. There is no justification for bigotry.

Statism is another form of bigotry, and is just as wrong as all the others. But statism is aimed at everyone else, rather than some particular "out group". It is an exceptionally selfish bigotry. It asserts that "I am OK, but everyone else needs to be controlled". The State, coercive external government, is the result of this bigotry. Its existence diminishes us all. Statism is the most dangerous type of bigotry because it becomes enshrined in "law" and backed by the threat of death if you refuse to accept and live by it.

But, remember to keep your chin up. Don't fall for the bigotry of statism (or any other kind). We good people outnumber the bad, or civilization would collapse. We are everywhere.


Police chase ends in innocent deaths

Police chase ends in innocent deaths

Some things are just so sad and pointless that there is little you can say.

Such as the Albuquerque bank robber who crashed and killed two innocent women during a police chase Tuesday morning. Explain to me: How is this outcome "better"?

Is there really no way to catch robbers other than putting innocent people, their lives and liberty, at risk? As long as you are going to tolerate swarms of LEOs driving around the city (I have seen them with my own eyes), is it not possible to track and watch an escaping robber instead of causing him to panic and flee at high speed? Is it really more dangerous to allow bank employees and customers to be armed so these things can be stopped before they escalate?
This is what "give them what they want" leads to.

"Collateral damage" is never acceptable. Not in Afghanistan or Iraq, and not on the streets of ABQ.